Fall/winter sock trends: reveal your style with Maison Broussaud
Fall/winter sock trends: reveal your style with Maison Broussaud

Fall/winter sock trends: reveal your style with Maison Broussaud

Fall/winter sock trends: reveal your style with Maison Broussaud

The first rains of autumn and the cold of winter encourage us to radically change our wardrobe. However, there is no question of sacrificing our look! Are you on the lookout for the latest fall-winter trends? Socks are no exception. On the contrary, they prove to be a real asset in your wardrobe. At Maison Broussaud, we are passionate about the art of keeping your feet warm in style. Whether you are looking for high socks to slip into a pair of boots, or wool socks to face negative temperatures, you will find everything you need on our store. Since 1938, we have been supporting your most beautiful outfits, in all seasons.


What types of socks are popular in fall/winter?

The sock is an essential accessory in our wardrobe . In addition to perfectly completing an outfit, it is hygienic and keeps feet warm. High or very short socks, in wool or cotton, patterned or plain, there is something for everyone. So, what are the trendiest socks in fall and winter ?

  • High socks

High socks are very popular when temperatures drop. Unlike shorter models, they keep the ankles and part of the calves warm . Whatever the length of the sock, the models give a little “preppy” side that is very appreciated and completely on trend.

These models are perfect to accompany a pair of boots or high ankle boots . They go very well with skirts and dresses, bringing a retro and elegant touch to your outfit. For men, the masculine high sock perfectly complements an elegant suit.

  • Wool socks

Wool socks are the most fashionable during the colder months of the year. Timeless, these classics offer thermal insulation far superior to cotton models. In addition to being warm and comfortable, this breathable material keeps feet dry.

A big star of “cozy” and “cocooning” moments, the wool sock is not only worn indoors. If it is perfect with cozy pajamas, it also goes very well with an elegant outfit for work or a knitted dress for a winter look .

  • Patterned socks

Patterned socks for men or women are the best way to add a fun and original touch to your outfit. It's the little subtle note of fantasy that will make all the difference. It allows you to stand out, but also to proudly display your tastes and your colors . Checks, stripes, geometric or even animal patterns, the choice is yours.

In autumn, we love socks with a tartan pattern and those decorated with mushrooms or small forest animals. In winter, we opt for wintry patterns like snowflakes and deer. Winter sock patterns


How to pair socks with your outfit in fall and winter?

Pairing a pair of socks with a fall or winter outfit is easy. We give you some simple tips that will allow you to create elegant looks, without any fault of taste!

  • Wear socks with a pair of tights

To avoid damaging your best tights and to protect your feet from the cold, dare to wear socks. When temperatures drop, tall wool socks or thick socks will be very popular over tights. They offer a trendy and comfortable layer, in addition to avoiding friction in shoes .

  • Which socks should I choose with my shoes?

Choosing socks often depends on the type of shoes you wear. With boots or ankle boots, we often prefer high, thick socks . In a pair of sneakers, ballerinas or moccasins, we opt for a shorter and thinner model.

  • A pair of high socks, but with what clothes?

Knee high socks are essential pieces of your wardrobe. In autumn and winter, they go with all looks to keep you warm ! Dresses, skirts or pants, they are the best allies for your elegant and modern outfits. Choose discreet patterns to add pep to an ensemble, or dare a more daring touch with a fancy model. High socks


What materials should you prefer for your socks when you are cold?

When the winter cold sets in and the temperatures become freezing, the choice of socks becomes crucial for your feet. So, which model should you choose when you are cold?

  • Wool socks

Wool has long been the gold standard for comfort and warmth. This natural fiber has thermoregulatory qualities and effectively insulates against the cold . Very breathable, it wicks away moisture well and lets the skin breathe.

  • Cashmere socks

Cashmere is a luxury material , renowned for its incomparable softness and warmth. In addition to being warmer and insulating than wool, it offers a finer finish. Stylish cashmere socks are perfect for completing a sophisticated outfit.

  • Silk socks 

The silk sock for women or men is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This natural fiber is fine, soft and durable. Without compromising on comfort or warmth, it is a good alternative that allows you to stand out thanks to its slightly shiny finish.


Where to find these trendy socks for fall and winter?

At Maison Broussaud, of course! We are proud to offer you a wide selection of trendy socks for fall and winter . Carefully manufactured in our own workshops, they are designed with attention to detail and particular attention to their quality.

Whether you're looking for merino wool socks to protect your feet from the cold , patterned socks to give personality to your look or cashmere socks to add a chic touch to your outfits , we have what you need. Our durable pieces stand the test of time to complete your ensembles with style and comfort.