Decryption of the Oeko-Tex label: everything you need to know
Decryption of the Oeko-Tex label: everything you need to know

Decryption of the Oeko-Tex label: everything you need to know

Decrypting the Oeko-Tex label: what every sock lover should know

How do you choose your socks? Do you know the Oeko-Tex label? Although the aesthetics of a sock are important, they should not be the only criterion to take into account before making your choice. The sock is an essential clothing accessory in our daily lives. Just like lingerie, it accompanies us every day to highlight and protect our feet. When we look at the frequency of purchasing and using socks, we understand the importance of opting for a pair that respects our well-being and the environment. The Oeko-Tex 100 certification is the most widespread in the textile industry, but we do not always know what it means and what its guarantees are. Let's decipher together everything you need to know about this essential benchmark and why choose Oeko-Tex labeled socks.

What is the Oeko-Tex label?

The Oeko-Tex label is much more than just a mention on a label. This certification includes several technical standards which certify the health and ecological qualities of textiles or leathers .

A guarantee of quality and integrity, this label offers buyers additional assurance regarding the origin and composition of the socks that catch their eye. It guarantees the absence of substances harmful to the body and the environment. The goal ? Enable everyone to make responsible decisions and protect natural resources.

It's simple, from raw materials to finished products, a sock must be impeccable to obtain the Okeo-Tex label . The fabrics used must meet these strict standards to ensure the best protection for your health and the environment.

Where does the Oeko-Tex label come from and why has it become essential in the textile world?

Okeo-Tex is an independent label which brings together 17 independent research and control institutes from Europe and Japan. The association was founded in 1992 by the Hohenstein Research Institute and the Austrian Textile Research Institute (OETI). The objective was to guarantee, through laboratory tests, the safety of textile products for health .

Since then, the label has continued to develop and expand its scope to respond to constant developments in the industry. The Okeo-Tex Standard 100 certification is the best known and most reliable throughout the world. Indisputable in terms of textile safety, it has won the trust of consumers by offering transparent and reliable certification.

Good to know : The Okeo-Tex Standard 100 criteria catalog is updated at least once a year to be supplemented by new scientific knowledge or legal requirements.

If the Okeo-Tex label has become essential in the textile world, it is quite simply because it proves the demands of a brand towards its product.

At Maison Broussaud, we are proud to offer you quality Okeo-Tex certified socks that respect both your health and that of our planet. Our high-quality cotton socks meet the strictest standards to ensure your protection.

What are the different Oeko-Tex labels?

There are several Oeko-Tex labels and all have in common that they certify products guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. Other requirements are added to their strict standards, depending on the type of textile. Shall we enlighten you?

The different Oeko-Tex certifications that you can find:

  • Standard 100 : It concerns all types of textiles tested for harmful substances, from yarns to the finished product.
  • Made in Green : This label identifies textiles manufactured in sustainable and socially responsible conditions.
  • Organic Cotton : From farm to product, this certification ensures that products are tested for the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).
  • Leather Standard : The label targets semi-finished or finished leather items and leather fiber materials, up to accessories.
  • STeP : It certifies facilities that manufacture textile or leather articles under sustainable production conditions.
  • Eco Passport : This certification identifies chemicals, dyes and auxiliaries, which are not harmful to health or the environment.

Maison Broussaud socks have the Okeo-Tex standard 100 certification, which is the best known in the world. This means that each of our yarns has been tested for harmful substances and that our accessories are harmless to health .

Why choose Oeko-Tex labeled socks?

Choosing Okeo-Tex socks means choosing a responsible purchase for your health and the environment. We share with you some good reasons to buy a pair of socks from Maison Broussaud .

For socks without health risks

Socks for men or women bearing the Oeko-Tex label are guaranteed to pose no risk to your health. Extensive testing is carried out throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the absence of harmful substances . This is important since this accessory is worn daily, directly against the skin.

For a pair of socks that respects the environment

The Okeo-Tex label imposes very strict restrictions on the use of chemicals and dyes . The goal is not only to preserve your health, but also to reduce the environmental impact of textile production. By choosing a pair of Okeo-Tex socks from Maison Broussand, you are taking care of our planet.

For a durable and comfortable sock

The rigorous standards of the Okeo-Tex label not only ensure your safety, they also ensure the durability of your socks. By opting for this certification, you are assured that your pair of socks for women or men will stand the test of time while maintaining their comfort and aesthetics.

For ethical socks

Supporting the Okeo-Tex label also means helping to promote ethical working conditions . Compliance with certain criteria, such as guaranteeing fair wages and good working conditions, is at the heart of this certification. Make informed choices and prefer to invest in accessories imbued with moral and ecological values.

Are you looking for elegant socks guaranteed to be free of harmful products ? Quickly discover the men's and women's collections from Maison Broussaud.