How to choose the right height of socks?
How to choose the right height of socks?

How to choose the right height of socks?

To determine the right height of socks, there are of course your preferences in terms of comfort and aesthetics but also questions of practicality. Although the trend is for high socks this winter , you should adapt your choice to your needs. Here are our tips.

Let's start with a panel of the different heights of socks that exist: All sock heights

Invisible socks are the shortest and most discreet. This is the ideal height for anyone who wants to wear socks in their low shoes without them being visible. The invisible ones will not be seen in your sneakers or in your moccasins but will still protect your feet from friction and perspiration.

Socks will also be very discreet in your low shoes, minus the "barefoot" effect. They will be perfect with your sports outfits, or with capri pants or shorts, with sneakers or tennis shoes.

Mid socks are the most commonly worn socks. These classic socks can be worn every day, for any occasion and in any season. This sock height is perfect for protecting yourself from the cold. They reach the middle of the calf and are particularly suitable for people who wear fitted pants, not revealing the ankle. Now, we even wear them with dresses or skirts over tights. Find out how in this article .

Knee-highs and high socks are usually worn in winter to provide warmth. This is also the sock height favored by men when they wear a suit, to prevent their pants from revealing their entire leg when seated. Men also wear them in summer with shorts for a more assertive look. For women, knee-highs are perfect for giving a touch of originality to your outfits. They can be worn with a skirt over tights, with boots, moccasins or even heels.